Lead & Hard Metals Roofing Training Group

Lead & Hard Metals Roofing Training Group

Welcome to the Lead & Hard Metals Roofing Training Group

Our Approach


It is our simple aim to provide all the information needed with  regard to the content and availability of training in the lead sheet and traditional (hard) metals roofing disciplines.


Our main function is to provide the only recognised gateway for Lead and Hard Metals Roof Training and CPD courses in the UK.


In achieving this objective we recognise that communication is the key and our focus is in providing information directly and at all levels in a concise and accurate format.


This information includes listing relevant courses together with the provider, name of contact, academic assessment body, qualification level and location in the UK.


And as an entirely new initiative, we maintain registers of trainees who have successfully undergone formal training or have a recognised qualification in either (or both) lead and traditional (hard) metal roof training. The registers categorise and illustrate the skill level of each registered person, with four levels of competence that correspond to the range of training courses and
up-skilling qualifications that currently exist in the industry.


The levels range from 1 (those entering the profession) to 4 (the highest skills available).



Group Strategy


The Lead & Hard Metals Roofing Training Group (L&HMRTG) will facilitate the unification and collation of all relevant information on training and Continuous Professional Development courses (CPD), in lead and traditional (hard) metal roofing - aluminium, copper, galvanised and stainless steel and zinc.


It is our objective to provide, in an easily accessible and readily understandable format, details of training course content and availability across a number of training facilities.


We intend to develop a “one-stop-shop” source of information on training venues across the UK showing the level of training and range of qualifications available and providing direct contact details for each venue.


  • To explain the various pathways that are available to achieve formal skills recognition within the national framework of qualifications

  • To provide details and assistance with regard to the available financial support for both employer and trainee from organisations such as the CITB, which provides a wide range of funding opportunities that are not always readily understood, which means a lot of available grant goes unclaimed

  • To provide recognition for those individuals that have undertaken formal training in the form of a Register of trained metalworkers, which will not only list the names of those who have benefitted from formal training, but will also indicate the level to which they have been trained.


It is our objective to become the pre-eminent group in the industry sector to showcase training and CPD courses in metal roofing across the UK.



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